Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WorldNutDaily's nutty advertizing

Here are some products that the wnd has on display:

Navy sailors discover biggest heart breakthrough of the century
Easy way to avoid a heart or brain disaster

An easy 6-figure income for life ...
Even during a recession! Special report shows how

Is Israel sitting on a petroleum discovery?
Find out the latest from Zion Oil & Gas

Single best way investors never run out of money
Next payout is September 15, 2008

Gold double-dips!
Precious metals buying op extends this week – See chart – FREE DVD

Cancer breakthrough! Treatment could save lives, end suffering
Find out why we may never need chemo again ...

Good medicine for you ... and for Israel
Don't choose between better health and saving money. Read more ...

Varicose & spider vein cure from Europe hits the U.S.!
The once prescription-only, Diosmin-95® is now FDA approved

Naturally stimulate HGH production in your body
The Official Longevity® HGH-R Formula from Germany

Cancer 'Bible' saves lives
Discover these time-proven cures for preventing, surviving and even curing cancer

The largest source of weight-loss info
What diet or pills or other products will work the best for you?

Has location of lost Ark of Covenant been found?
New best-selling prophecy book claims resting place is Mt. Nebo

From what I gather, this is supposed to be a serious news site. Or at least it tries. With political commentary from Pat Boone and Chuck Norris, it usually misses.

With ads for products that are get-rich-quick schemes and snake oil products, it's hard to believe that anyone with an IQ above room temperature takes them seriously.

The last one was hardly an ad -- it was actually an article based on a stupid book that ties in a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar (supposedly it ends in 2012) and biblical references to note where the ark of the covenant should be. Not surprisingly, the book references the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. I think there's a good chance that the producer, writers, director, and actors all new it was fiction. Neither the wnd writer nor the author of the book figured that out.

These product placements are not the ads off to the side or at the top of the page -- I excluded them since they could be placed there by someone else and not subject to the approval of the wnd folks.

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