Saturday, August 2, 2008

barack's birth certificate forgery myth busted

Someone mentioned a new layer to the urban legend filling people's emails saying that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president because he wasn't a natural-born citizen. puts an end to the issue citing his birth in Hawaii as closing the discussion. Except now a supposed expert claims that his birth certificate is a forgery (read about the forgery here.).

But that post was published Sunday, July 20. As I write, it is late Thursday, July 31. Almost two weeks have passed and not one major news source has covered this alleged smoking gun. A search of CNN and Fox News websites turned up no hits. The only hits I found about the forgery were on the internet, primarily in the blogsphere. Why is there no coverage of an issue that could make the candidate leading in the polls ineligible for the office?

I could only find a couple websites that questioned the report on Atlas Shrugs. One site mentioned simply that an Obama spokesman confirmed that it was his (Obama's) birth certificate. Not a credible denial. A poster there altered me to a website that addressed the issue.

This site investigated the claims made by Atlas Shrugs. Among other actions, they "e-mailed it [Obama's birth certificate] to the Hawaii Department of Health, which maintains such records, to ask if it was real. This site also questions the claims of forgery.

"'It’s a valid Hawaii state birth certificate,' spokesman Janice Okubo told us."

The research raised a lot of questions, so they kept digging and they also "circled back to the Department of Health, [and] had a newsroom colleague bring in her own Hawaii birth certificate to see if it looks the same (it’s identical)."

So far we have: Barack's birth certificate is identical to another birth certificate from the state, and a spokesman for the state confirms this.

They kept asking questions, and finally concluded: "If this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud. They have done it with conspiring officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and many other government agencies."

That's at least five different government sites that would have to be complicit in the forgery for it to be successful -- and the number is probably double that. Considering the mainstream media -- with an opportunity to break a huge story (a political scandal along the lines of Watergate and Monicagate, not to mention the drama of The Manchurian Candidate) -- have remained completely silent. If there's a conspiracy here, it's how some people have far too much time on their hands and don't just fall down more often.

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