Sunday, August 17, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle I want to get hit by a car

Here's a story that fuels my own rage. Video below the fold.

Two bicyclists are first yelled at by a car driver and then the driver pulls in front of them and stops suddenly, causing an accident in which one is seriously injured (he even lost some teeth and nearly his nose) and the other was thrown from his bike.

The driver had done it at least once before. And he was reported to the police. That cyclist managed to avoid a serious accident but the police did nothing.

As the video notes, charges have been filed against the driver -- a doctor -- and hopefully he'll spend some time in jail.

There was a story a couple weeks ago about another bike rage incident where drivers were upset about a group of cyclists riding.

Since many drivers obviously don't have a clue: the road does not belong to you. The speed limit is a maximum. And, you should stay in the right lane regardless of the presence of bicyclists.

One time I nearly hit a woman after a stop sign where I was preparing to make a right turn. Since there were two bicyclists in the left lane, the woman felt that it was okay for her to be in the left lane -- on a two-lane street. I don't know what she was thinking (she certainly wasn't going to pass them there).

It's also nice how the people the news crew asks about such incidents blame them on the riders. I've ridden a bike regularly and I've nearly been run over a couple of times. One time a guy didn't look in my direction while attempting a turn on red and almost hit me (I was in the crosswalk). I've seen how many drivers fail to stop (in some cases, they barely slow down) for stop signs and worry that a car is going to run me over after running (another) one. Fortunately they wave me on (even when they have the right of way). I have to admit that I didn't always follow the signs or lights -- I would go past red lights (after stopping) if there wasn't traffic or not stop at stop signs (but only if I had the right of way, or would have maintained the right of way had I stopped; stopping is easy but getting started again, that's not always easy, especially when there are hills). Not all riders are nearly as respectful of the signs and rules of the road as I am (and I am not perfect). But most drivers also break numerous laws -- speeding (even if not by much), not using their turn signals, not coming to a complete stop (about a week ago I almost got rear-ended by a car expecting me not to stop at a stop sign) or not stopping at all, failing to yield (this happens all the time), did I mention not stopping? This doesn't excuse anyone's behavior of course.

I hope the guy gets time in jail. There's the incident in question as well as a previous one -- complete with police report. Lock him up for a few months or a couple years, he deserves it.

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